LinkedIn for Jobs

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Are you frustrated about sending an endless stream of online job applications and never hearing back? If you are depending on job boards or LinkedIn posts to fuel your job search are a playing a losing game.

There are a lot of opinions on careers on the internet and it is hard to know who to listen to. Unless you have worked with a professional in the past five years, it’s likely the job search advice you’re listening to is out of date, or just plain wrong.

Surviving the Downturn

How to Find a Job in Alberta in Tough Times

How Employers Prefer to Hire

  • 1. Internal

    Trust is high. Cost is low.
    Effort is low.

  • 2. Referral

    Trust is high. Cost is low.
    Effort is low.

  • 3. Recruiters

    Trust is moderate. Cost is high.
    Effort is moderate.

  • 4. Job Posts

    Trust is low. Cost is high.
    Effort is high.

How Job Seekers are Taught to Look for Jobs

  • 1. Job Posts

    Competition is high.
    Feedback is low.

  • 2. Recruiters

    Competition is high.
    Feedback is moderate.

  • 3. Internal

    Competition is low.
    Feedback is high.

  • 4. Referrals

    Competition is low.
    Feedback is high.

Clearly, there's a disconnect between job seekers and employers...

What Went Wrong With Career Advice?

  • 1

    Bad Advice

    A Google query of “How to Find a Job?” will bring up hits for online job boards, like Indeed and Monster. It benefits job sites to publish how-to articles telling you to use online job boards. Their huge SEO rankings ensure these results are at the top of an job search queries.

  • 2

    Overwhelmed Employers

    The ease of online applications allow job seekers to apply for more roles, resulting in 100’s of applications for employers. To avoid the overwhelm, employers have reverted to tapping their network to find trusted candidates, with less hassle.

  • 3

    You Don’t Have to do it Alone

    Ask any successful person and they will tell you they didn’t make it alone. An influential network of peers, mentors and hiring managers will have more impact on your career than launching 100’s of online applications off into the black hole.

After listening to bad advice for much of my career, I began building and leveraging my network and things began to change. I can give you a blueprint of how to use LinkedIn to do this, but there is a catch...you have to be willing to put in the work.

What to do about it

What People Are Saying About Linking Leads

I have received several job offers since working with Dave on my LinkedIn job search and accepting a new job (in fact I received another offer yesterday). Dave helped me make my profile more attractive to recruiters and shared techniques with me to successfully gain more connections, particularly with decision makers. I recommend working with him...

Miguel Ángel Chambergo, Developer, Financial Services

Dave spoke to members at one of the Central Library's Strategic Networking for Job Seekers sessions. His insights about the power of LinkedIn in helping the attendees maximize their potential and about how to set up their profiles was invaluable and very helpful. I consider myself quite a proficient LinkedIn user so to have Dave mention things that I never considered or tried was really inspiring. I can't recommend him enough.

James Tomasson, Speaker, Calgary Central Library

I've had the opportunity to speak to and train at some great organizations